Intergenerational Sunday School at St. James is held at 9:10 am each Sunday in the parish hall, with breakfast included. Our intergenerational approach allows children and adults to review the weekly activities together.  We want our church to be a place where individuals and families can come to know Scripture and come to know one another.  This year, we focus on hymns that we are all familiar with through a program called “Make a Joyful Noise: Singing the Hymns and Learning their Message.”  We believe that if we study the hymns more closely, along with the biblical passages that inspired them, we can both deepen our worship and strengthen our discipleship. Everyone who participates in our Sunday School program this year will receive a free 1982 Hymnal! As we sit around breakfast tables, go through the hymns together, and interact with each other, we can discover how God’s word applies to our lives, and learn more about the people who sit next to us in the pews.  If you were with us bef0re, we look forward to seeing you again. If you weren’t, this is an excellent time to join in!

We share breakfast at Sunday School.  Each week someone volunteers to bring a “hot dish” to go along with what the church provides.  Here are some of the recipes!  Click on PDF below: (Thanks Peg Hopper)

Sunday School Recipes