stjamesepiscopal_collectionIn an economy that is driven by swiping a card, church members rarely carry cash or checks with them to church on Sunday. Online giving is an easy way to solve that problem. With online giving you can arrange for automatic donations to St. James. No sweat and no stress.

St. James Episcopal Church depends on it’s members, the Body of Christ, for financial support. From your giving and our collection plates offering each Sunday we operate our worship services, support our outreach ministries, offer children, youth and adult education opportunities. We cannot do this without your support.

To make it simple please consider one of these online payment services:

  • Use your bank’s online bill pay service to setup weekly or monthly donations. It’s easier than writing a check.
  • Click the link below to use our online giving portal to schedule a reoccurring electronic bank transfer (known as ACH) or debit/credit card transaction.

Click here to go to our online giving portal
As with all ACH and credit card transactions – the church as a vendor pays minimal fees for the use of these services. If you would like to help us avoid these fees, simply schedule to pay with your bank’s bill pay service. If you find it more convenient to use our portal to donate with your debit, credit or ACH please do. The ease of online giving outweighs the cost to the church for these services.

Donate Button with Credit Cards