Ministry Staff/Vestry


Danielle DeCaprio

Director, Youth and Family Ministry

Rev. Charles Hay

Retired Assisting Priest

Rev. William J. Boyer

Retired Assisting Priest

Rev. James Martin

Retired Assisting Priest

Rev. Margaret Green-Witt

Retired Deacon

Debra Carraway

Music Director & Organist

Elizabeth (Beth) Williams

Youth Choir Director

Carmen Rebusmen

Nursery Coordinator

Diane Smith



Ted Wolf

Senior Warden

Rob Bowersox

Junior Warden

Tom Grizzard


To Be Named

Clerk of the Vestry

Drew Logan

Meredith Kirste

Mackie McCabe

Bob Tindall

Kay Oestreich

Nathan Battle

Danny Delgado

Ted Wolf

Jason Smalley

Claire Brooks

Chris Northcott