Parish Librarian, Margaret Branham



Parish Library

A fine collection of books on religious subjects is housed in Room 6 of the St. James Sunday School complex. It was compiled over the years from the collections of our parish clergy, particularly Father Knud Larsen and Father Terry Jackson. In addition, memorial books have been added as well as books, periodicals and audiovisual materials bought by the E.C.W. Currently, there are over 1700 print volumes organized in Dewey Decimal order. These books are available for members of the parish to check out for study, programs and recreational reading.

The volunteer parish librarian, Margaret Branham, invites you to visit your library, a comfortable quiet space where one can read, converse, meditate and study. The library is open weekly on Thursday morning, from 9 am to 12 noon. Children’s books are also available. Sample collections, correlating with the church seasons, are kept on two book trucks in the Parish Hall. Additional access is possible by contacting the church office at (352) 787-1981.