Vestry Meetings will resume September 21, 2017

Vestry Minutes: June 2017

Location: St. James Parish Hall, June 15, 2017

 Present: Father Tom Trees, Nathan Battle, Claire Brooks, Meredith Kirste, Drew Logan, George McCabe, Chris Northcott, Jason Smalley, Bob Tindall and Ted Wolf

Absent: Rob Bowersox, Dan Delgado and Kay Oestreich

Fr. Trees call the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. with Evening Prayer Service.

Chris Northcott made a Motion to approve the Vestry Minutes for the meeting held on May 18, 2017, Drew Logan seconded the Motion. Motion carried.

Fr. Trees presented the Treasurer’s Report. Discussion was held regarding the Repairs and Maintenance being over budget but will be corrected. Landscaping and Grounds were also a little over budget. Discussion was held concerning the air condition system for the Chapel. George Morrison misunderstood the location of the installation and the unit was installed in the St. Nicholas house instead of the Chapel. Funds were disbursed from the Charlotte Robuck Fund to repair the Chapel air conditioning.

Chris Northcott made a Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report and Nathan Battle seconded the Motion. Motion carried.

There was not a Building and Grounds Report. However Fr. Trees mentioned the possible removal of the magnolia tree and planting something smaller per Doug’s request. It was determined the planting of the tree would be researched to determine if it was given in memory of a member of St. James prior to the removal of the same.

Men’s Club/Senior Warden Report was presented by Ted Wolf. Discussion was held on Scott Dailey’s many years of dedicated service to our church especially in selling tickets for various functions and his desire to step down from this position.

Bob Tindall stated he is preparing a list of all of the ministries available through St. James and this list will be available for distribution at the Newcomers Dinner to potentially solicit their participation in the various ministries.

Ted Wolf led the discussion on the Newcomers Dinner. Encouraging the Vestry to welcome the visitors and potential members. The Dinner will be held at the Wolfs’ home at 2922 Alta Street in Leesburg on Thursday, July 13, 2017. Vestry is requested to be there between 5:30 p.m. to 5:45 p.m. Also the sign up sheet was presented for the Vestry to commit to providing certain items for the evening. Fr. Trees will send invitations to the Newcomers with a personal invitation and follow up on attendance. If inclement weather it will be moved to the Parish Hall.

Children & Youth Report: Fr. Trees stated Danielle chaired a successful Vacation Bible School week with the theme of “Fruit of Spirit.” Kristen was missed this year. Many new members were encouraged to even bring their grandchildren.

Daughters of King & Choir– No report

ECW: Fr. Trees stated the new shutters are being installed in the Parish Hall on June 26, 2017 and June 27, 2017. They are working on a database for auction items for the bazaar this fall.

Jamaica Medical Mission: George McCabe reported they were in good shape and supplies were collected during Vacation Bible School week.

Newcomers: Chris Northcott is obtaining boards for the nametags. Bob Tindall presented the idea of bright red gift bags for newcomers which could include coffee cups and pens with St. James logo to be given to them after church services. Also discussed selling mugs with the picture of the church on each one.

Pastoral Care: Bob Tindall stated they continue to be in need of Lay Eucharistic Visitors. They are at the halfway point in the training in the Stephen Ministry and the Intercessory Prayer Group remains active and it works well.

Sacristy Upgrade: Alter Guild members made an appeal for upgrades. Kathleen Trees has obtained cabinets. The refurbishing will be done this summer.

New Photo Directory: Every three years a new directory is compiled. Beginning in November photos will be taken so the new directory may be assembled.

MAYS Summer Camp: Will be held the week of June 19, 2017 through June 23, 2017 with a concert on Friday at 1:00 p.m.

Next meeting will be Thursday, September 21, 2017 at 6:00 p.m.

There being no further business a Motion was made by George McCabe to adjourn and seconded by Ted Wolf. Motion carried and meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Meredith Kirste,

Substitute Secretary



Vestry notes: December 15, 2016

Vestry Members Present:  Fr. Thomas Trees, Tom Grizzard, Treas., Lisa James, David Smith, Jim Logan,  George McCabe, Chris Nortcott, Bob Tindall, Meredith Kriste, Rob Bowersox, Kay Oestreich

Vestry Members Absent:  Becky Binneveld, Jason Small, Ted Wolf

The meeting was called to order at 6 pm with Fr. Trees leading Evensong.

The secretary’s report was corrected to read that Lisa James was present on Nov. 17.  The minutes were approved as amended.

Treasurer’s Report:  The budget is “in good shape”.  The pledge/gift comparison from 2015 to 2016 may appear to be less, however the projection is that it may be more than last year, as about 30 pledges are still outstanding.  Total expenses are approximately 490K, including the salary for a youth minister.  The goal is a balanced budget for the coming year.  The new budget will be presented at next month’s meeting prior to the Parish Annual Meeting.

Current Business:

  1. Fr. Trees reported on the HSA (Health Savings Account) requirement.  It was moved, and seconded that the vestry approve this plan.  The vote was unanimous.
  2. David Smith and Bruce Saylor will represent St. James at the Diocesan Convention in January.
  3. .Annual meeting: The outgoing members of the vestry: Lisa James, Jim Logan, David Smith, and Becky Binneveld will be the nominating committee for new vestry members.  They are to meet and present a slate of nominees.
  4. Youth and Family Minister: Fr. Trees presented Danielle DeCaprio as a candidate.  A motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved to hire Danielle, commencing Jan. 1, 2017.

Committee Reports: 

Julbilate:  The December 14 performance of “Joy to the World” was a huge success.

Pastoral care:  Lay Ministry is going well.  Plans are in place for a Stephen Ministry.  Plans are also in place for a Intercessory Prayer group, with a meeting Sunday January 8 at 9:10 in the Parish Hall.

Jamaica Medical Mission:  Plans are in place  with a good staff.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:45 PM.

Respectively submitted, Kay Oestreich, Sec’y Pro Tem

Vestry Notes: November 17, 2016

Vestry Members Present: David Smith, Rob Bowersox, Becky Binneveld, Jim Logan, Meredith Kirste,  Mackie McCabe, Kay Oestreich, Ted Wolf, Jason Smalley, Chris Northcott

Vestry Members Absent: Bob Tindall , Lisa James

Minutes from the meeting October 20, 2016 were approved as submitted.

Treasurer’s Report: Overall October was a pretty good month. There were items that were over budget but it was because of increased activity in those areas. Restricted funds have decreased because of expenditures. A brief explanation of the Vestry Restricted funds and their origin was provided. The report was approved and will be filed for audit.

Junior Warden’s Report:  Sexton Doug Ames continues to keep the facilities functioning and looking great. Plans are being made to renovate the Altar Guild Sacristy with an estimate coming from Clay Rector. The Handicap ramp has been completed thanks to a donor.

Committee Reports:

Web Site: David Smith continues to update the site adding videos and photos from recent events.

Men’s Club: The Men and Boys Steak Dinner was very successful. Prayer Breakfasts continue with the next meeting on December 2 at 7:30 am in the Parish Hall.

Newcomers: After discussion about the need for name tags, the Vestry moved to explore permanent name tags.

Daughters of the King: Two new members were installed at a service in November. The Daughters continue to pray for our parish.

ECW: The annual bazaar was a success with a profit of around $22,000.

Jamaican Medical Mission: Supplies have been packed to ship and a team is ready for the January mission.  There is always a need for scholarship money to help pay for some of the Mission participants.

Rector’s Report: Father Trees reminded the Vestry that in conjunction with Stewardship Sunday there will be a Mission Fair. This will allow all groups at Saint James to showcase their work and perhaps successfully encourage others to participate.

The meeting was adjourned.   The next meeting will be on December 15, 2016.

Vestry Notes: October 19, 2016

Vestry Members Present: David Smith, Rob Bowersox, Becky Binneveld, Jim Logan, Meredith Kirste, Bob Tindall, Kay Oestreich, Jason Smalley, Lisa James, Chris Northcott.  Vestry Members Absent: Mackie McCabe, Ted Wolf.  Others present: Fr. Tom Trees, Tom Grizzard, Treasurer

The meeting was opened by Fr. Trees with a Prayer Service.

Minutes from the September 15, 2016 meeting were approved as written.

Treasurer’s Report This past month we experienced a slight decline in revenue. A recent audit showed the financial books to be accurate and appropriate. The Treasurer explained budget categories and their importance when making proposals for new projects.

Senior Warden’s Report: David Smith reported that the web site is in the process of being updated. He requested that new information and updates be emailed to him.

Junior Warden’s Report: Rob Bowersox reported that the grounds have been cleaned up after the wind storm of Hurricane Matthew. The air conditioning generally may be in a reprieve as cooler weather is coming.

Committee Reports:

ECW: On October 19, Bishop Brewer officiated at the Fall Diocesan Meeting at which over 125 people attended. More advertising is needed for the Annual Fall Bazaar scheduled for November 9.

Men’s Club: The Men’s and Boys Steak Dinner is scheduled for November 13. Men’s Prayer Breakfast is the first Friday of the month, in the Parish Hall.

Newcomers: Photographs of new people are displayed in the Parish Hall. This has met with a very positive response. Each month there are new people.

Pastoral care:

  • Lay Eucharistic Ministry: There are currently 15 LEV’s taking communion to 9 parishioners on a regular basis, as well as others on an “as needed” basis
  • Visiting the sick: Fr. Tom, Fr. Charles, and Bob Tindall continue to visit hospitals and other facilities
  • Stephen Ministry: Bob Tindall has begun talks about the ministry, and six people so far are interested. Training will be start in March, 2017
  • Grief Support: There are booklets available and seven have been mailed out
  • Prayer Workshop: There will be a “one shot” workshop in the future that will be open to all parishioners, and it will be the basis for forming a new “Prayer Group.”

Jamaica Medical Mission: The Taste of St. James raised gross income of approximately $8300. The mission, in late January, has 50 people signed up so far.

Children and Youth: The Jubilate program on Octover 19 was very well attended. There were about 40 people in the Chapel. The next program will be in December. The next Family and Youth Event will be Sunday, November 20

Daughters of the King: There will be an Admission service on November 13 af the 10 am service with a reception to follow.

Current Business:

  • The following questions were raised:
  • What is the future of St. Nicholas House? The Junior Warden reported that plans are in place.
  • What is the status of the ramp that would go from outside Fr. Trees’ office to the parking lot? The Junior Warden and others offered to find funds for this project.
  • The Altar Guild Sacristy is in need of repairs and replenishments. A list was submitted, and the Junior Warden offered to find estimates for this job, and to find funding in the budget.

Rector’s report:

  • Youth and Family Minister: Fr. Trees presented a job description for both a part-time and full time position. The discussion supported him in a need for this position, and the urgency in filling it. A motion was made, seconded and passed as follows:
  • The Vestry instructs Fr. Tom Trees to investigate funding for a Youth and Family Minister and to seek appropriate candidates.
  • The Stewardship Dinner: This was successful with a good turnout, good intermingling and the dinner was delicious.
  • There will be a Ministry Fair on November 20, featuring all the different ministries and activities at St. James.
  • The meeting was adjourned.

The next Vestry meeting will be Thursday, November 17, at 6 pm in the Parish Hall

Vestry Notes: September 15, 2016

Vestry members present: Rob Bowersox, Becky Binneveld, Meredith Kirste, Mackie McCabe, Bob Tindall, Kay Oestreich, Jason Smalley, Lisa James, Chris Northcott. Vestry members absent: David Smith, Jim Logan, Ted Wolf

Others present: Father Tom Trees, Tom Grizzard

Minutes from the meeting held June 16, 2016 were approved as submitted.

Treasurer’s Report: There was a positive cash flow for the month of August. Funds from the Father Terry Jackson Memorial were transferred to the ECW Scholarship account per the request of Donna Jackson. The possibility of purchasing the triplex apartments on Line St. for $80,000 was presented, but after discussion no motion was offered. The report will be filed for audit.

Senior Warden’s Report: There was no report; however Father Trees reported that David Smith and his committee continue work on the web site.

Junior Warden’s Report: Rob Bowersox gave a report on the state of air conditioning at St. James: St. Nicholas house has only one working unit and the unit in the chapel needs to be replaced. Work was done during the summer to restore the unit in the Sanctuary. After discussion a motion was made to establish a monthly reserve of $1000 dollars to offset the costs in the future. This would be a budgeted item. The motion was seconded and approved.

Committee Reports:

Men’s Club: No report

Newcomers: Chris Northcott continues to mail cards and it was decided that photos of newcomers would be taken and posted on the bulletin board.

Pastoral Care: Bob Tindall reported that the Lay Visitor ministry is going well. The need for funding to implement training for Stephen Ministries resulted in a motion that was offered, seconded and passed to authorize $1600 to pay for this. Bob also has materials that will be sent to members upon the death of a loved one. The brochures are mailed or given at intervals. The workshop on intercessory prayer has been put on hold. The parish needs a way to notify Bob of illness so that names can be put on the prayer list. Calls to the church office seem to be the best option.

Daughters of the King: The Daughters of the King will hold their Diocesan meeting on Saturday, September 17. New members will be installed in November and money is available to start a Junior Daughters of the King if there is an interest.

ECW: The Annual Diocesan ECW meeting will be held October 15 at St. James. Breakfast and lunch will be provided by the St. James ECW. The annual Bazaar is Nov. 9, from 10 – 3 followed by the auction at 7.

Jamaican Medical: Mackie McCabe reported that Stuart Mowatt has gone to Jamaica to arrange for the mission in January. Taste of St. James will be on September 30 and all seems to be set for chefs and helpers.

Youth: The first monthly get together was September 10 and Lisa James reported that it was a fun and successful gathering with about 50 people attending. Father Trees will begin each gathering with a devotion from a book entitled Know Why You Believe by Paul Little. Jubilate choir will present programs in October and December. Father Trees continues to search for a youth director.

Current Business:

  • Intergenerational Sunday School is exploring hymns and their origins this year. The program is called Make a Joyful Noise.
  • Father Tom Ryan died recently and his service was held at St. Mathias in Clermont.
  • Gary Gregory is no longer pursuing ordination as a deacon.
  • All Saints Day will be celebrated on October 30 because Father Trees will be out of town the first Sunday in November.
  • MAYS will begin to meet Sunday September 18 and on subsequent Sunday afternoons at St. James.

Upcoming: There will be parish-wide Stewardship dinner at the Leesburg Community Center on October 11. A ministry fair will be held on Nov 20, in the parish hall. This will show that Stewardship involves more than just money.

The meeting was adjourned.

The next Vestry meeting is October 20, 2o16.

Vestry Notes: June 16, 2016

Vestry members present: David Smith, Becky Binneveld, Jim Logan, Meredith Kirste, Mackie McCabe, Bob Tindall, Kay Oestreich, Jason Smalley, Chris Northcott

Vestry members absent: Rob Bowersox, Lisa James, Ted Wolf

Minutes from the meeting held May 19, 2016 were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Tom Grizzard gave the treasurer’s report. May had a fifth Sunday which helped with a positive financial report. A motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the report.

Senior Warden’s Report: David Smith said there is a plan to have a C.S. Lewis study group in the future. This will be planned by David and Doug Ames. David continues to update the Saint James web site.

Junior Warden’s Report: There was no report.

Committee Reports:

    • Men’s Club: Prayer Breakfasts are going well. The July 1 breakfast will include a presentation by Don Lindskoog. Time for the meetings is 7:30-8:15.
    • Newcomers: Chris Northcott said there is nothing new to report.
    • Pastoral Care: Weekly meetings are held with Father Trees and Bob Tindall to plan visits to those in need. There are 14 people who take communion to 9 people who cannot get to church. Stephen Ministry information will be given out in the near future. Bob will hold a training session in August for those interested in participating in intercessory prayers. Bob also plans to order booklets on dealing with grief that can be given out to people who have lost a loved one.
    • Daughters of the King: Kay Oestreich said the Daughters of the King have had prayers for the shooting victims and families in Orlando.
    • ECW: Great Year.
    • Jamaica Medical Mission: The Jamaican team has been asked to prepare a presentation for the Diocese that could be shown at the annual convention. Plans continue for the September 30 Taste of Saint James to benefit the mission.
    • Children and Youth: Father Trees reminded of the dates for VBS, June 20-25. Leaders for the VBS are Kristen Daley and Kathleen Trees. The MAYS music camp will be June 27- July 1. Father Trees is planning a meeting with parents to get ideas and input on hiring a Youth Minister.


Rector’s Report: Paul Carraway has submitted a proposal for a new sound system for the sanctuary. Father Trees explained what the system consists of and the cost. Some money can be saved if Doug Ames helps with running wires. This is not a budgeted item. After discussion, a motion was made, seconded and approved to accept and move forward with the sound system.

Current Business:

  • The AED has been ordered and will be installed in the church as soon as it arrives.
  • A motion was made, seconded and approved that a scholarship in Father Terry Jackson’s memory be awarded in conjunction with the ECW scholarships at Lake Sumter State College.

Upcoming: Newcomers dinner at the home of Father Tom and Kathleen Trees will be the week of July 6 with food provided by the vestry.
The meeting was adjourned.
The next meeting will be September 15, 2016.

Vestry Notes–May 19, 2016

Vestry members present: Rob Bowersox, Becky Binneveld, Jim Logan, Meredith Kirste, Mackie McCabe, Bob Tindall, Kay Oestreich, Ted Wolf, Lisa James, Chris Northcott
Vestry members absent: David Smith, Jason Smalley,
Minutes from the April 21, 2016 were approved as recorded.
Treasurer’s Report: In the absence of the Treasurer, Father Trees reviewed the financial report. Expenses were higher than usual because of quarterly insurance premiums. Also, Father Trees’ bonus was taken from standard payroll which will be reimbursed. Income from Bikefest parking was not available. The Comcast phone bill is being questioned because it is higher than originally quoted. After discussion, a motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the report.
Senior Warden’s Report: There was no report.
Junior Warden’s Report: The Junior Warden read a note from the Sexton regarding grounds projects including new outside lighting, LED lights in the church, and the installation of gutters. A problem with the organ is being corrected. A motion was made, seconded and approved to have the AED device for the church in place by June 1. Signs for the parking area reminding members that the lot is reserved for those with walking difficulties on Sundays will be ordered . Quotes for installing a ramp to the parking lot will be sought. A motion was made, seconded and approved to place a $500 limit on purchases and repairs without vestry approval.
Committee Reports:

  • Men’s Club: A monthly Men’s Prayer breakfast will be held in the parish hall on the first Friday of each month.  The Men’s Club will sponsor the planned Stephen Ministry program.
  • Newcomers: Nine cards were mailed out during the past month.
  • Pastoral Care: A status report on the Eucharistic Visitors program was given.  Organizing efforts are underway to create a pool of people to be trained for a prayer group..
  • Daughters of the King: Members of the DOK pray daily for the needs of the parish and members. The group is planning a Fall Morning Prayer service.
  • ECW: ECW year has been a good one and is now on summer hiatus until September.
  • Jamaican Medical Mission: Concern was expressed in regard to the missionaries who were killed in Jamaica.  Stuart Mowatt, St. James’ Coordinator for the Mission, has reported that the medical team is not likely to have any problems. Any questions regarding this should be directed to Stuart.
  • Rector’s Report: Father Trees gave a status report on the ongoing search for a Youth and Christian Education director.

Upcoming Events:
Youth Sunday – June 5
Vacation Bible School- June 20-24
MAYS Summer Camp – June 27-July 1
The meeting was adjourned.


Vestry Meeting Notes-April 21, 2016

Vestry members present: David Smith, Jason Smalley, Ted Wolf, Jim Logan, Lisa James, Mackie McCabe, Bob Tindall, Chris Northcott, Becky Binneveld
Vestry members absent: Kay Oestreich, Rob Bowersox, Meredith Kirste
Minutes from the meeting held March 17, 2016 were corrected and approved.
Treasurer’s Report: In the absence of the Treasurer, Father Trees reviewed the financial report. Vestry members noted that pledge income was down significantly from the same time last year. The March report reflected Father Trees’ bonus that will come from restricted funds; therefore, it does not affect the overall amount in the report. A motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the report
Junior Warden’s Report: In the absence of the Junior Warden, the Sexton was invited to provide an update of the church grounds. He acknowledged  gifts that allowed for some improvements. He also reminded the vestry about the importance of keeping trees trimmed. Electrical improvements are ongoing. The Sexton suggested the installation of a ramp to provide handicap access from the parking lot to the parish hall. Gutters are needed on some areas of the roof to divert water from entrance areas. The cost for this would be around $400. After discussion. the vestry voted to approve the purchasing of gutters and covers to keep the leaves out. Further discussion centered on giving the Junior Warden authorization to make expenditures not exceeding $500 without vestry approval; expenditures above this amount would require vestry approval.
Senior Warden’s Report: The Parish Picnic will be held on May 1 at the Leesburg Boat Club. Some vestry members expressed concern that there was not enough advance notification to the parish about the picnic. Father Trees was also asked to announce the Sunday before the picnic that casual attire would be the order for May 1 services. The vestry will provide all food for the event with exception of desserts.

Committee Reports:

  • Volunteers are needed for Bike Fest parking the weekend of April 22-23.
  • Three seniors will be honored on Youth Sunday, June 5.
  • June 5 will be the last day for choirs.
  • The Morning Prayer service held by the Daughters of the King was a good service. The Daughters also are collecting money for Canine Companions.
  • May 3 will be the last meeting of the year for ECW and will include a luncheon.
  • The Flip Flop Lemon Drop Event raised $2,500 for ECW outreach ministries.
  • Churchwomen United will meet at Saint James on May 6.
  • The Men’s Fish Fry donations raised $1,300 for the youth Jamaica Medical fund.
  • There will be a men’s prayer breakfast from 7:30-8:15 am on May 6.
  • The information about newcomers is helpful in contacting them.
  • Six members of the parish will attend the informational session on Stephen Ministries in Ocala. Cost for this is $50 for the group. For the future of this ministry, money will need to be budgeted.

The meeting was adjourned.

Vestry Meeting Minutes- March 17, 2016

Present: Father Tom Trees, Bob Tindall, Chris Northcott, Meredith Kirste, Jim Logan, Mackie McCabe, Ted Wolf, Rob Bowersox, David Smith, Becky Binneveld, Tom Grizzard; Absent: Lisa James, Kay Oestreich, Jason Smalley

The meeting was opened with Evening Prayer led by Father Trees.
Minutes from the February meeting were reviewed , corrected and approved.
Treasurer’s Report:   February was a good financial month. Expenses were normal with a higher phone bill than normal due to a change in carriers. Bonds were even for the month. Memorials totaled $1250. Stained glass restoration was paid from restricted funds but will be reimbursed by an anonymous donor. Reporting of the Rector’s car allowance was corrected.   The report was approved.
Long Range Report: Planning Committee met with Bill Tucker to review the church grounds and facilities as the basis for future plans.
Junior Warden’s Report:  The stained glass restoration is proceeding well. Upon recommendation of the insurance company, tree work has been done. Electrical work will be done in the coming weeks. The phone line in the narthex has been disconnected because it is easier to use cell phones to call 911 in case of an emergency.
Senior Warden’s Report: The church web site has been updated. Any information that needs to be posted should be given to David or to Jeanne Hejduk.
Rector’s Report: Father Trees reported that the St. Patrick’s Fish Fry for the youth was a success. He is hoping to fill the youth director’s position soon. The Polk family has been asked to approve funding from the Polk Memorial Fund for the youth director’s salary. After the first year, the parish family will be asked to provide financial support.
Committee Reports:

Daughters of the King: Morning Prayer was a great event and hopefully will be held again.
Jamaican Medical Mission: Taste of Saint James is scheduled for September 30, 2016
Men’s Club: The Spring Fish Fry is April 12 at 5:30.
Newcomers: Members are encouraged to ask visitors to sign the guest book in the narthex.
Pastoral Care: The Lay Eucharistic Visitors Program has been very successful. Training and introduction to Stephen Ministries (a program in which trained counselors work with those who may have personal problems) is on April 23, 2016 in Ocala. Cost is $15 person.
ECW: Elections have taken place for new officers for the coming year. The Flip Flop Party is April 8 at 7 pm at the Boat Club.
Current Business:
*The Jackson family has requested that a scholarship for Lake Sumter State College student be set up in memory of Father Jackson with the money in the memorial fund. A suggestion was made that the vestry make a donation to the fund. This suggestion was referred to the Finance Committee.
* The Junior Warden provided a range of costs for buying a defibrillator for the narthex. Costs vary and after discussion it was moved and seconded that options be reviewed by Dr. Jan Tindall. The ECW will be asked to provide a donation to offset the cost.

* Father Trees reported that Gary Gregory has expressed an interest in pursuing admittance to the diaconate. One of the requirements is to obtain a recommendation signed by 2/3 of the vestry. The vestry signed the recommendation. He will also need a discernment committee to advise and encourage him.
* There is a change in dates for the upcoming confirmation. Bishop Dan Herzog will confirm on Pentecost, May 15.
* The parish picnic is May 1 at the Leesburg Boat Club.
* Volunteers are needed for Bikefest parking in the church lots on April 22 & 23.


Vestry Meeting Minutes -February 18, 2016

Present: Father Tom Trees, Chris Northcott, Kay Oestreich ,Bob Tindall, Jason Smalley, Ted Wolf, Lisa James, Rob Bowersox, Meredith Kirste, Becky Binneveld

Absent: Mackie McCabe, Jim Logan, David Smith

The minutes from the January 14, 2016 meeting were approved. New clerk appointed by the vestry is Becky Binneveld.

Treasurer’s Report: After introductions for new members, Father Trees explained that Tom Grizzard was unable to attend. Father Trees reviewed the treasurer’s report and explained some of the items that were questioned. The January report showed a lower income because the last Sunday was included in the February count.  Father Trees gave new members some explanation of the budget. The report was approved.

Senior Warden’s Report: David Smith was absent so no report was given.

Junior Warden’s Report:   Rob Bowersox reported that stained glass work is on schedule and is being paid for by an anonymous donor. He hopes to schedule a day for Spring Cleaning to get some odd chores taken care of. Doug Ames continues to do a remarkable job keeping the buildings and grounds in good shape. Rob also wants to install deadbolt locks on doors in the parish hall. After discussion of emergency situations at the church it was decided that Rob will purchase a defibrillator to be on hand in the narthex and a list will be compiled of people in the parish who could be called on the use it.   We are to keep an eye out for children who may be playing too roughly in the courtyard.

Rector’s Report:     Father Trees asked members of the vestry to act as liaisons for different groups in the parish family. The liaisons are :

Mackie McCabe- Jamaican Medical       Bob Tindall-Pastoral Care
Lisa James – Youth Group                         Kay Oestreich – Daughters’ of the King, Choir
Ted Wolf – Men’s Club                            Chris Northcott – Newcomer’s Cards
Becky Binneveld-ECW

Father Trees reminded the vestry of the activities and Bible study in the coming month.

The meeting was adjourned.


Vestry Meeting Minutes -January 14, 2016

Present:    Father Tom Trees, Becky Binneveld, Rob Bowersox, Kristen Daley, Leah Delgado, Lisa James, Jim Logan, Mackie McCabe, David Smith, Ted Wolf. Tom Grizzard

Absent:     Bill Cauthen, Jason Smalley, Dick Singletary

Evening Prayer Service: The meeting began with the Evening Prayer Service guided by Father Tom and all participating.

Approval of Meeting Minutes: A motion to approve the meeting minutes from December was given, seconded, and carried.

Treasurer’s Report:  Tom Grizzard gave report. December was a good month leaving us with a $22,000 positive for the year. We increased our total assets this year. Pledge cards will be available in the Narthex all year for purposes of pledging, renewing the pledge, increasing a pledge, etc. We have an increase of our pledging, although minimal, it is still an increase from last year. A motion was made to take $100,000 out of bonds and put to a 12 month bank CD. This would give access to immediate cash if and when needed. This motion was seconded and approved. The Treasurer and Finance Committee presented the 2016 budget. A motion to approve the 2016 Budget as presented with proposed amendments was given, seconded, and carried.  The Treasurer’s Report was approved.

Sr. Warden’s Report:

David Smith mentioned he updated the website to include Christmas. Jeremy who has been working with David and Jeanne Hejduk will be updating and revamping to work with some updates that have not been working. David Smith gave a brief report to church congregation on Sunday, January 10th regarding the pledging.

 Jr. Warden’s Report: Rob Bowersox gave report and discussed shingle repair for the Sanctuary roof. Parish Hall main entrance door – possibly look into replacing the lock with a deadbolt lock.

 Rector’s Report: Father Tom mentioned the Diocesan Meeting coming up next week in Melbourne. David and Jan Smith and Kathleen Trees will be attending for our congregation. Father Tom is hoping that each Vestry member will be some kind of liaison for a committee. Those members could give a brief report at Vestry meetings to discuss any happenings of those said committees. Lenten Small Group Program: The Crucified Life – still looking into and anticipating a good outcome and growth and connections because of the program.

Current Business:     The Vestry discussed the Nominees for the upcoming term. Names were brought forth and discussed. Outgoing members are: Bill Cauthen, Kristen Daley, Leah Delgado, and Dick Singletary. Nominations were discussed, and the Vestry voted. New Vestry members voted: Meredith Kirste, Chris Northcott, Kay Oestreich, and Bob Tindall, with alternate, Rita Clements.

Upcoming Events:    

January 21stAnnual Meeting, 6:00 pm
January 22 – 23rd – Diocesan Convention, Melbourne
January 25th – February 1st – Jamaican Medical Mission
February 7th – Pig Roast
February 9th – Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Supper 6:00 pm
February 10thAsh Wednesday

The meeting was adjourned.


Vestry Meeting Minutes-December 17, 2015

Present:   Father Tom Trees, David Smith, Dick Singletary, Jim Logan, Becky Binneveld,
Ted Wolf, Rob Bowersox, Jason Smalley, Bill Cauthen

Absent:   Lisa James, Kristen Daley, Leah Delgado, Mackey McCabe

The meeting was called to order. The minutes from the November meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Father Trees gave the report. December seems to be going pretty well. Investments are not faring well. There was discussion about bonds. Father Trees reported that pledges continue to come in. After discussion the report was accepted.

Senior Warden’s Report: David Smith reported that the web site has been updated with Bazaar and Men’s Club news.

Junior Warden: Rob Bowersox reported on plans he and Sexton Doug Ames have to hold Spring Cleaning Get Togethers. Some trees have been cleaned up. Missing shingles on the church will be replaced. Refurbishing of windows in the church will be done in April. After some discussion about the delay, it was determined that no more delays will be approved. Screen doors on the church have been removed and ironwork has been painted.

Report of the Rector: New vestry members will begin in February. Father Trees hopes to have vestry members serve as liaisons for different ministries within the church. He reported that end of the year bonus checks had been received by Doug, Pat and Deb. Thank you notes were shared. On Sunday, December 20, guest speaker Fred Farrokh will speak on his conversion from Islam to Christianity. During Lent, small groups will be formed for Bible study, The Crucified Life.

Current Business: There was discussion about the Diocese Cafeteria Insurance Plan resolution to be passed. Bill Cauthen stressed the need to make sure no one on the Saint James payroll was enrolled in this. Bill Cauthen made a motion that the resolution be approved. It was seconded by Rob Bowersox and it was approved. The 2016 church budget will be ratified at the January 14 vestry meeting.

Father Trees will meet with outgoing vestry members to nominate new members to be elected at the Parish Meeting on January 21, 2016.

The meeting was adjourned.

New Vestry Members

New Vestry members were elected to serve for three years.  The new vestry members are: Meredith Kirste, Chris Northcott, Kay Oestreich, and Bob Tindall.

Meredith KirsteChris NorthcottKay OestreichBob Tindall


October 2015 Vestry Meeting Highlights:

The meeting was opened by reading of the office of Evening Prayer, led by Father Trees.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report.  The Treasurer’s report was submitted and approved.

Senior Warden’s Report.

  • Extra reserved parking will be designated for additional handicapped parking.
  • The Taste of St. James, the primary fundraiser for the Jamaica Medical Mission, was successful.
  • Vestry minutes will be posted to the website as soon as they are available.

Junior Warden’s Report.

  • Stained glass window repairs and enhancements will begin soon.
  • Thanks to our Sexton, Doug Ames, the grounds continue to improve.
  • Dehumidifiers will be used in St. Nicholas House in preparation for the Fall Bazaar.
Rector’s Report.
  • Intergenerational Sunday School continues to go well.
  • Monthly Family Nights have been well attended.
  • Fr. Guido Verbeck will be the guest speaker on Consecration Sunday.
  • Allison Waddell will be baptized on November 15.
New Business.
  • Long Range Planning meetings continue to progress well.
  • The Men’s Club Steak Cook Out is scheduled for November 15.

The next Vestry meeting will be November 19 at 6 pm.

The meeting was adjourned.

September 2015 Vestry Meeting Highlights:

After the reading of the office of Evening Prayer led by Father Trees, the following reports were given and discussed:

Treasurer’s Report.  The report was positive.  A correction is to be made to staff pension funds.  Long range plans were discussed.

Senior Warden’s Report.  Photos of the MAYS summer camp and VBS are posted on the recently updated website.  All calendars including those for lay readers, lectors, ushers, greeters and acolytes are on the website.

Stained glass window repairs are to begin soon by Willett Houser.  This work is primarily to reinforce and maintain the windows because most are in good repair.

A discussion topic was making the grounds more handicap accessible.  One suggestion was to create a ramp from the parking lot to the covered walkway and increasing the number of handicap parking spaces.

A suggestion was made to encourage parishioners to adopt a tree to help maintain the grounds and to create a wish list for people who may want to make a donation to St. James.

Rector’s Report.  Intergenerational Sunday School has restarted with people from all age groups participating.

Monthly youth activities are being planned by Kathleen Trees and Liz Ames.  The first activity was a competition between girls and boys to create dinner from ingredients provided.  The next activity will be a Fall Festival for Families on Sunday, October 11.

Consecration Sunday will be October 25.  A breakfast will be provided following the 8 am service and brunch will be provided after the 10 am service.  The guest speaker will be Father Guido Verbeck.

May 2015 Vestry Meeting Highlights:
After the reading of the office by Fr. Trees, the following reports were given and discussed:

Treasurer , Tom Grizzard reported that pledge contributions for the month of April was average; YTD pledge income is slightly higher than anticipated. Mr. Grizzard recommended that the budget for altar flowers need to be reviewed because fewer people are contributing which is increasing the cost to Flower Fund.

• David Smith,  Senior Warden, reported that the website has new videos to share and view. He also noted that turnout for the Parish Picnic was lower than expected. To assist in planning, perhaps there should be a tear0ff RSVP in the Sunday bulletin next year. The vestry was asked to explore purchasing a cell phone for Father Tom for incoming calls and needs.

• Rob Bowersox, Junior Warden, reported on the following maintenance issues:

1) The church and chapel will be tented for dry termite treatment at a cost not to exceed $15,000.

2) Several pews in the church are being repaired.

3) Electrical problems with lamp posts and water heater are being attended to.

4) A roofer will be contacted to assess leaks.

5) Solutions to problems with caulking and protective measures needed for the stained glass

are being sought.

Rectors Report

    • 1) Bishop Brewer will officiate at confirmation on May 24, 2015; a luncheon will follow the service.
    • 2) On Youth Sunday, June 7, all greeters, ushers, lectors, acolytes and musicians will be youth.
    • 3) Due to mold issues in St. Nicholas House, the Nursery will be relocated to Room 2, next door to the church office.
    • 4) The MAYS Music Camp will be held at St. James June 15-19 with a concert on Friday June 19 at 1:30 pm.
    • 5) The Building and Grounds Committee will meet on Thursday June 11 at 6 pm.

April 2015 Vestry Meeting Highlights:

Treasurer, Tom Grizzard, reported that income was up but pledged income was low.

Rob Bowersox, Junior Warden, reported that a proposal to correct/repair the stained glass windows was being reviewed. Planning and construction of the butterfly garden is well under way. He expressed the appreciation of the vestry for the fine work of our Sexton, Doug Ames.

•The following events are scheduled for May and June: Parish Picnic on May 3; MAYS Music Camp June 15-19; and Vacation Bible School June 22-26 from 8-11:30 am.

The next Vestry meeting will be held on Thursday, May 21, 2015.

March 2015 Vestry Meeting Highlights:

        • • The Trees family and the extended St. James family welcomed the arrival of Lucienne Trees.


        • • An update of the status of the St. James website was given; members were asked to send changes of updates to Jeanne Hejduk.


        • • Each pledging family will be provided with a copy of the pictorial directory; copies for others will be available for a suggested donation.


        • • Vestry members expressed their appreciation to all who worked to make the pictorial directory a reality.

Maintenance issues:

        • • Estimates for repair of the stained glass windows have been requested.


        • • The vestry requested additional information regarding a requested from the ECW for partial funding of a butterfly garden on the grounds prior to making a decision


        • • The contract for telephone service from Century Link was accepted.


        • • Volunteers are needed to help with organizing and parking cars for Bikefest, April 24-25.


February 2015 Vestry Meeting Highlights:

• Fr. Trees announced the Diocesan policy for contributions and pledges. Diocesan policy states that 10% of the money it receives from each parish will be forwarded to the National Church unless otherwise requested. According to this year’s pledge requests, St. James designated 9% to the National Church and 1% to alternate giving options selected by the Diocese.
• Lay Eucharistic Visitors will be commissioned at an upcoming service.
• Confirmation will be held on May 24 when Bishop Brewer visits; Classes will be held on Wednesdays during Lent beginning on February 25.
• Vestry members were thanked for helping to make the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper a huge success.
Maintenance issues:
• Kitchen grills are in the process of being fixed.
• Monitoring of the fire alarm system has been simplified.
• Outside restrooms are in need of new toilets; a parishioner is willing to donate money for replacement.
• Electrical issues on the grounds will be addressed in the near future.
• The City of Leesburg will remove a cypress tree on the property.
• The Building and Grounds Committee will meet to discuss the future of St. Nicholas House and changes needed for the grounds.

January 2015 Vestry Meeting Highlights:

        • The pictorial directory is expected to be available soon.
        • Confirmation classes will begin on Wednesday February 25 and continue throughout Lent with confirmation scheduled for May 24 when Bishop Brewer will visit. Volunteers are needed to prepare soup for attendees.
        • Doug Ames, Sexton, was recognized for his conscientious work completing the many tasks needing his attention around the church and grounds.
        • Candidates for the vestry election were presented: Rob Bowersox, Mackie McCabe, Jason Smalley and Ted Wolf.
        • Stuart Mowatt (retiring Senior Warden) said his farewell and wished the vestry well.
        • The Jamaica Medical Mission trip is fast approaching; the Senior Warden reminded members to keep them in their prayers.
        • Training for Lay Eucharistic Visitors was successful and will add to the number of commissioned Visitors to deliver Eucharist to home bound parishioners.
        • A discussion was held regarding delegates to the January 23-24, 2015 Diocesan Convention at The Cathedral Church of St. Luke in Orlando.
        • A Buildings and Grounds Committee was established to consider options for future use of our buildings and property.

If you wish additional information on any of the items, please contact one of the Vestry members.