For those members of our congregation in the Middle School and High School years, we offer the Journey to Adulthood program. The major emphasis of this curriculum is that becoming a woman or a man is a gift from God. In contrast, adulthood is something to be earned. When our children turn 13 they move through what is known as the Rite 13 liturgy. It is a sign of leaving childhood and entering adolescence. This service takes place in the middle of our 9:30 AM service. The main point of this curriculum is that we at St. James want our young people to use our community and the faith it teaches as part of their sorting out their issues as they grow and learn in their teenage years.

The Journey to Adulthood program has three classes, Rite-13 for students grades 6-8, J2A for students grades 9-10 and YAC for students grades 11-12. Regular Rite-13 and J2A classes are held each Sunday following the 9:30 AM service and YAC classes are held at 6PM Sunday evenings. Special events, classes and projects will be listed individually as they occur.