Family St. James has always been, and remains, an inter-generational church where parishioners young and old share experiences and are truly concerned about church members of all ages. We believe this quality is a major reason why we continue to attract new members and are able to implement new programs and events, to augment the worship experience for all of our parishioners.
Our parish continues to recognize its obligation to provide Christian education to its youth, and continues to explore creative ways to achieve this goal.
Many of our youth also serve as Acolytes during the 10:15 worship services, and provide effective assistance to our clergy and worship leaders. It is always a pleasure to observe the determination of our acolytes to do their absolute best in performing their tasks.
Monthly family events continue to be successful and grow. A variety of fun-filled events are scheduled, while always keeping in mind that even social events should be Christ-centered while allowing children and adults to enjoy themselves.
Each year, we hold a Youth Sunday, in which our youth conduct the service, including the providing of at least one “sermon” under the guidance of our Rector, which generally provides the parishioners with some amazing insights from the eyes of teenage Christians.
We continually work to better understand what our families need for Christian education as well as what more we can do to help our young people to find their place in HIS church.

Fun Sunday School

Sunday school classes for youth are held during the Sunday School hour between the two Sunday morning services, concurrently with the adult class in the Parish Hall taught by our Rector, Father Trees, which explores many timely topics concerning our faith, and never fails to provoke lively discussion.

Teen Bible StudyTeen Bible Study

We have a weekly Teen Bible Study which has created another way for our teenagers to bond and share the Scriptures, taught by a gifted teacher whose methods generate lively discussion and foster fellowship.

Bible StudyAction Hour

Wednesday evening from 6-7 p.m. is our youth “ACTION HOUR”, a time for a meal followed by Bible-based Kinesthetic learning and discussion. Through reading, dramatization, open discussion, manipulatives, and games, ACTION HOUR is a fun, high energy way to encourage our youth to retain important and helpful scriptural truths.

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